Salsa Dancing Classes: Become a Pro Salsa Dancer

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If you want to learn salsa dancing, it is an excellent idea to take up salsa dancing classes. Doing the classes has tons of benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing. In addition, it is a great workout for your body. Not to mention, it provides you with the opportunity to meet new people and make friends. The good news is there are tons of salsa dancing classes currently available. In addition, they provide great flexibility for those of us leading such busy lives and they cater to a wide variety of levels and age groups.  

What Is Salsa Dancing? 

Salsa dancing is recognised as being a sexy, energetic and fun partner dance. Unlike some other partner dances, it is a very sociable dance where you do not need to have a regular partner. Rather, it common for salseros to dance with people they have never met before. This is part of the fun of dancing salsa. It has a socialable nature and because of that, it has become widely popular across the globe. Today, you can easily find salsa clubs around the world.  

History of Salsa Dancing 

Salsa is one of the most important and dynamic musical phenomena’s of the 1900s. In most Hispanic communities, it remains to be the most popular style of dance music. It represents a mixture of Latin musical genres, but its primary component is Cuban dance music. The roots of salsa originated in Eastern Cuba from the Cuban Son around 1920 and Afro-Cuban dance. There, Spanish and Afro-Cuban musical elements were combined, both in terms of the instruments used and rhythms. By the mid-century, this music came to Havana whereby foreign influences were absorbed, particularly American jazz and popular music heard on the radio.  

The Benefits of Salsa Dancing 

Salsa dancing has many benefits. For one thing, it burns calories and boosts metabolism. Salsa dancing can burn up to 600 calories per hour. In addition, when you are salsa dancing, you are so focused on your body’s movements and the music. You’re fully engaged in the moment, making it a mind-body exercise. Salsa dancing also reverses the aging process. In other words, it gives you the cardio your heart needs, it improves circulation and increases respiration. Also, it strengthens a variety of muscles and bones which keeps your joints flexible. In addition, salsa dancing improves coordination, balance and posture. Salsa dancing also improves your social life.  

What Will I Learn? 

Salsa dancing classes vary depending on the teacher and the level of the class. However, there are some universal things you can expect to learn in any salsa dancing class. Therefore, you can expect to learn the basic steps and how to dance these steps with a partner while keeping time. In addition, you will learn steps and movements but also improvisation, musicality, timing, expression, posture, isolation, spins, styling and partnering which will enable you to reach a high standard of dancing.  

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