Nutrition and Diet Courses: Become a Nutritionist

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Considering a Nutrition and Diet Course? 

If you would like to learn more about nutrition and diet, it is an excellent idea to do a nutrition and diet course. A nutrition and diet course will provide you with all the necessary skills and knowledge required to work in the field. Would you consider yourself to be a foodie? Are you interested in the science behind food? Want to help people to eat correctly to remedy their health issues? A career as a nutritionist or dietician may be perfect for you. The good news is that there are lots of nutrition and diet courses currently available.  

What Will I Learn? 

Although each nutrition and diet course will vary depending on the course provider, there are some topics you can expect to learn in any nutrition and diet course. Therefore, you can expect to learn about nutrition, weight loss, diets and planning diets, obesity, food and energy levels and preventative measures. You can also expect to learn about medical conditions, treatments, digestion and absorption and assessing nutritional needs. In addition, you will explore protein, vitamins, minerals, water, nutrients, carbohydrates and fats.  

You can also expect to explore food processing, detoxification, how to create a diet plan and consultation skills. You may also learn about exercise techniques, the aspects of healthy eating, disorders and how to eat for optimal health. Some courses may cover more than you read here. If you would like an exact list of modules, do not hesitate to get in touch with your course provider. They will be happy to hear you are interested in the course and as a result, delighted to help you. 

Career Opportunities 

Upon completion of your nutrition and diet course, you can expect to be able to secure careers as a nutritionist. You can work as a nutritionist in a hospital, nursing care facility, an outpatient service facility, gyms, health clubs and other centres for healthcare. Alternatively, you could start up your own nutrition business.  

You could also become a weight loss consultant or a dietician. Dieticians generally work in hospitals, working in collaboration with doctors, in doctor surgeries and community centres or within business and industry, working directly with food manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.  

Course Progression 

If you found you really enjoyed doing your nutrition and diet course, there is opportunity to progress. Depending on the level of course you did, you could move up and do a level 8 or level 9 in nutrition and diet. Alternatively, you could study related fields. For example, you could study to become a gym instructor or personal trainer. The world is your oyster here.  

If you’re serious about doing a nutrition and diet course, check out courses near you in the national course finder.  


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