Life Coaching Courses: Learn to Become a Life Coach

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Considering a Life Coaching Course? 

Life coaching can be a very inspiring profession and it’s very easy to get started by doing a life coaching course. It is a rather new profession that is rapidly growing in popularity. The overall aim of life coaching is to create a partnership whereby the coach helps to guide the client to realise their full potential and achieve success in both their professional and personal life. There are so many life coaching courses available currently with part-time and evening class options, in person and online.  

What Is a Life Coach? 

A life coach is essentially a kind of wellness professional who helps people to make progress in their lives in a means to attain greater fulfilment. Life coaches help their clients to improve their careers, relationships, day to day lives and much more. Life coaches can help you to identify your goals, the obstacles that are holding you back and then help you to come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle. In creating these strategies, life coaches target your unique gifts and skills. By helping you to make the most of your strengths, life coaches offer the support you require to achieve long-lasting change.  

There are numerous different kinds of life coaches. Some take a more general, all-encompassing approach while others chose to specialise and focus on helping people in specific areas. Some of the various types of life coaches include, addiction and sobriety coaching, career coaching, business and leadership coaching, relationship coaching, diet and fitness coaching and family life coaching. In addition, financial coaching, life skills coaching, health and wellness coaching, mental health coaching, sports coaching and spirituality coaching. 

Word of Warning – A Life Coach is not the same as a Therapist 

Although there may appear to be some overlap in the benefits of working with a life coach and getting psychotherapy treatment from a licensed therapist, these professions have distinct roles and serve unique purposes. Therapists and mental health professionals focus on healing, treating mental health issues and helping people to work through trauma and other issues from their past. While life coaches may help you to deal with particular unsolved issues, life coaches cannot treat mental health issues. It is important that you know prior to entering your course that a life coach is drastically different to a therapist with different capabilities.  

Areas of Study 

The course will cover coaching in terms of what coaching is, the various types of coaching, the role of coaching, the applications of coaching and the various barriers to coaching. It will also explore coaching skills in regards to the requirements of an effective coach, listening, questioning, values and beliefs and building relationships. In addition, building self-esteem, giving non-judgemental feedback, empowering and ethics and standards. You will learn about the coaching process, how to evaluate coaching and about self-reflection and supervision. Your course may also explore how to set up your own business as a life coach in terms of business plan, marketing and other considerations. 

If you’re serious about doing a life coaching course, check out courses near you in the national course finder.  


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