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Considering a First Aid Course? 

It is an excellent idea to do a first aid course. It can greatly enhance your CV and help you stand out. In addition, it can be very helpful in personal life in the case of an emergency. Employers appreciate those who have completed first aid courses and like to have someone in their company who can do first aid. Therefore, it gives you an upperhand. The good news is there are tons of first aid courses currently available.

The Benefits of Doing a First Aid Course 

The number one benefit of doing a first aid course is that you could save a life. Completing this course can help in reducing the number of workplace accidents and in turn, creates a positive work environment. You can help in making your company a safer place to work and you can ensure that the first aid kit and tools are used correctly. It gives your employers confidence and clarity during an emergency. There are many more benefits to completing a first aid course, however, these are the main ones that come to mind. It is certainly worth doing as the money is nothing in comparison to the ability to potentially save a life.  

Areas of Study 

A first aid course is primarily practical with some theory taking place. Therefore, you can expect to learn how to do patient assessment and what the incident procedure is. How to cope with cardiac first response, how to respond to medical emergencies, how to manage injuries and shock. How to care for an unconscious patient, how to treat burns and care for electrical injury care. How to cope with hypothermia and hyperthermia. How to inform and communicate with the emergency services. How to do CPR and AED, how to care for wounds, how to handle chocking and breathing emergencies, how to deal with poison emergencies and sudden medical emergencies. Some first aid courses may cover more than what is listed here. If you would like to know exactly what you will learn prior to entering your first aid course, get in touch with the course provider.  

Career Progression 

If you really enjoyed doing your first aid course and want to continue in the medical field, you could carry on and do another course in the field. Alternatively, you could do a third-level medical degree if this is definitely the path for you. If that is not your intentions, you can do any other course really and the first aid will be a nice addition to the package of skills and knowledge you acquire from your other course.  

If you’re serious about doing a first aid course, check out courses near you in the national course finder.  


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