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Considering a Course in Fire Safety? 

Fire, while very useful to us can also be very dangerous and result in serious injury or death. It can cause extensive property damage and destroy buildings and worksites in a matter of minutes. Fire in the workplace is one of the most substantial workplace safety threats and it is imperative to ensure that all workplaces have effective Fire Safety training and practices in place for the protection of the workforce and also the general public nearby.

What is Fire Safety? 

Fire Safety is the set of practices intended to reduce the damage and destruction caused by fire. Fire Safety measures include both those that are intended to prevent the ignition of an uncontrolled fire and those that are used to limit the development and effects of a fire after it starts.

Threats to fire safety are commonly referred to as fire hazards. A fire hazard may include a situation that increases the likelihood of a fire or anything that may obstruct escape if a fire occurs. Fire Safety measures can also include those that are planned during the construction of a building or implemented in structures that are already standing or those that are taught to the occupants of a building.

Why is Fire Safety important?

Ensuring that everyone in an organization is properly trained with a good and thorough understanding of Fire Safety will make sure that members of staff are not introducing any additional fire hazards into the workplace through their daily work practices.

With proper Fire Safety training, all employees will be able to identify fire hazards when they see them and do something about them. They will know not to hinder Fire Safety by blocking or wedging open fire doors or introducing prohibited ignition sources and combustible materials.

In the event of a fire, they will be able to carry out the actions required so that the building can be safely evacuated and the fire services can be provided with the required information on their arrival. In short, Fire Safety training helps to protect not only the people but also the business. It ensures that everyone knows how to act safely and responsibly and reduces the risk of injury or loss of life in the event of a fire. Basic Fire Safety training and techniques can also help to prevent small fires from becoming big emergencies.

What Will I Learn about Fire Safety? 

  • You will learn about how fires start and the common causes of fire, fire prevention and risk reduction, hazard spotting and reporting, incident and near-miss reporting.
  • You will learn about the fire policy and fire control and safety measures such as escape routes, emergency lighting, signage, fire doors, location of alarms and fire fighting equipment, and how they are all presented and operated.
  • You will learn about the fire triangle and its relevance to fire safety, common ignition sources, fuel sources, oxygen sources.
  • You will learn about Fire Marshals and wardens and what they do and employer and employee responsibilities.
  • You will learn about fire extinguishers and the different types and suitability of each.
  • You will learn about evacuation procedures, raising the alarm, and hearing the alarm, final points of assembly, and rescue services contact procedures.

Career Opportunities in Fire Safety

After completing your course in Fire Safety, you can expect to work as a Fire Fighter, Fire Marshal, Fire Safety Engineer, Fire Safety Inspector, Fire Safety Director or Fire or Arson Investigator,

If you’re serious about doing a course in Fire Safety and other aspects of safety within organizations, check out courses in the national course finder.


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