Dentistry Courses: Become A Dentist

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Considering a Dentistry Course?

Besides having a high level of scientific competency, steady hands, and excellent concentration, a good dentistry candidate needs to have certain personal skill sets. Some of the attributes of a good dentist are the ability to put their patients at ease, develop credibility, and deal with their fears with sympathy. As a dentist, you hold a position of trust, so it is extremely important to always behave with integrity, tact, and understanding. You will also need to be able to interact well with everyone from children to the elderly.

If you believe that this is something you would excel at, then the next step would be to get the right dentistry qualification and start your career!

About Dentistry

Dentists are highly respected within the community and provide an essential health care service.

Dentists treat patients with gum, teeth, and mouth conditions. Dentists specialize in oral surgery and oral disease; they also do cosmetic work, enhancing the quality of the smiles of patients. It takes a lot of experience to become a dentist. Dental employees have some of the highest job satisfaction rates of any occupation, and dentistry can be financially rewarding.

Benefits of Studying Dentistry

There are numerous benefits to studying Dentistry. First of all, it is an internationally recognised skill. Languages, laws, and politics differ across continents, and in various parts of the world, oral care and people’s teeth always work the same. With a Dentistry qualification, you will employable all around the world.

Dentistry also offers a wide range of job opportunities. You do not have to spend your entire life working in small dental surgeries. You can also work at hospitals or even offer community dental services.

You will also get plenty of practical experience at local surgeries. You will be dedicating at least a year to practical work, yet sometimes two years is required.

And a very compelling benefit… Dentistry has one of the highest starting salaries for graduates in the UK! A dentist is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 careers in the country due to its comfortable income, low unemployment rate, and good work-life balance.

What Will I Learn? 

A degree in dentistry will teach you everything you need to know about the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of oral and dental diseases. You will start by learning about dentistry theory, with subjects such as anatomy, physiology, microbiology, human disease, pathology, and epidemiology. You will learn about the treatment and diagnosis of diseases and disorders. Later, you can gain practical expertise in orthodontics, sedation, and minor oral surgery.

Career Opportunities 

Once you have obtained your dentistry qualification, you will need to complete one or two years of supervised practice. After you have successfully fulfilled this obligation, you might end up running your own practice or cutting your teeth in an existing practice or community health center.

After you have gained some experience, you could undertake further study or train to become a consultant. You could also use your knowledge to teach others or move into a specialized field such as orthodontics, oral pathology, child dental health, or even train to become a maxillofacial surgeon (someone who specialises in facial surgery).

As both medical research and technology keep advancing the industry, there are many opportunities for people willing to train and upskill in dentistry.

If you’re serious about doing a dentistry course, check out courses near you in the national course finder.


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