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Diploma in Negotiation and Conflict Management

IBAT College, Dublin

In the ever-changing environment of modern business, firms start and grow by virtue of successful negotiations and by developing long-term relationships among the different individual involved. By the same token, such relationships can break down due to ineffective negotiating behaviour and conflict management approaches.

Negotiation and conflict resolution are crucial skills both inside and outside of work. They are vital for everything from negotiating agreements, negotiating commitment to carry out agreements and changing agreements that are no longer optimal. In addition, leaders, managers, and supervisors spend significant amounts of their time resolving conflicts, mediating disputes and negotiating with others The ability to negotiate effectively and manage conflict is one of the most valuable skill sets within organisations.

This course will start with the conceptual framework of negotiations as it applies to all areas of negotiation in both the public and private sectors. As the course progresses, you will focus on business negotiation skills and strategies designed to help you maintain healthy business relationships. Specifically, you will learn about the concepts, processes, strategies, and ethical issues related to negotiation as well as appropriate conduct in multicultural business contexts. You will examine strategies that are effective as well as those that are not. If a strategy works, you will determine how well it works and discuss alternatives to the less effective approaches. You will also identify various patterns of negotiation and conflict resolution in different national and cultural contexts, and you will gain an understanding of the influence of national and cultural variations in the decision-making process.

You’ll learn how to identify negotiation opportunities, address conflicts and gain an understanding of the unique challenges that exist when individuals, groups and organisations face potential or existing conflict. Through participation in role-playing negotiation exercises with your peers in class, you’ll explore a broad spectrum of negotiation strategies, new tactics to solve ongoing differences and models for securing cooperation and agreement in competitive environments.

You will also learn to better understand the theory, processes, and practices of negotiation, conflict resolution, and relationship management so that you can be a more effective negotiator in a wide variety of situations. If you take advantage of the opportunities this course offers, you will be more comfortable and more productive managing negotiations as well as professional and personal relationships.

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Course Code CDIPNCM1P
College Name IBAT College, Dublin
Course Category Business, Human Resources & Personnel
Course Type Classroom Based
Course Qualification Diploma
Course Location Dublin, UK
Location Postcode Dublin 2
Delivery mode Classroom based
Course Start Date 15th February 2021
Course End Date 3rd May 2021
Course Fee 995
Course Duration 11 weeks
Course Times Mondays 6:30pm-9:30pm
Title of Awarding Diploma in Negotiation and Conflict Management
Entry Requirements Entry to this course is based on each applicant's merits and work experience and is ideally targeted toward the individual who wishes to develop negotiation and conflict management practices to better manage their team, customers or organisation.
Career Path This Diploma in Negotiation and Conflict Management is aimed at participants who are looking for a knowledge and understanding of the whole area of negotiation and conflict Management in practice. The course is relevant to a wide spectrum of professionals who seek to maximize their outcomes and build partnerships in a variety of business situations. The program is open to anyone interested in gaining and improving their negotiation tools and skills.
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