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Considering a Computers for Beginners Course? 

The best way to learn how to use a computer is by doing a computers for beginners course. Doing a computers course is never a bad idea, it can really help since we are living in such a digital age whereby almost everything has moved online. Whether you want to do a computer for beginners’ course so you can keep up with this digital age or so you can get one step closer to a career working with computers, there are lots of courses currently available. If your ideal career is looking at screens and helping people to solve tech problems, this may be the perfect starting course for you.  

The Benefits of Doing This Course 

There are many benefits of completing this course. There are benefits for your professional and personal life. In regards to your professional life, this course will improve your employability. It can help you to get job promotions and get higher pay. Doing this course will allow you to compete with other applicants for jobs too, giving you a true chance at landing the role. In addition, in this digital age, it is becoming almost mandatory to be computer literate. Along with professional benefits, there are personal benefits. For example, being able to communicate and keep in touch with family members or friends living far away online.  

Areas of Study 

By doing a beginners computer course, you will learn a lot. You will learn what a computer is, file management, about the internet and the world of social media. You will also learn about how to use an email account and how to use some of the products in the Microsoft Office suite such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. In other words, you can expect to learn all the basics required to use a computer on the daily. Some courses may include more on their syllabus; however, you can expect to learn the basics at a minimum. Plus, if you want to learn more, there are always opportunities to progress in your studies. 

Career Opportunities 

There is an array of opportunities out there once you have completed a beginners course in computers. This is because it will essentially give you a package of new skills that will help you to access new job opportunities that once upon a time were out of your reach. For example, working as a receptionist is now possible because you know the basics of computers. There are also other job opportunities that are not necessarily office jobs that may now be in your reach.  

For example, jobs where employers want to hire people who know the basics of computers and of social media. There is also the opportunity of working as a sales assistant in a computer shop. You also open yourself up to doing other administrative work. Essentially, once you complete this course, you can do any job that involves basic computer skills. This course is a great thing to add to a CV also even if you are not looking for a job in computers. Not to mention, once you know the basics of using a computer, you can easily apply for jobs online as that is where a majority of jobs are posted. 

Career Progression 

Alongside opening up your job opportunities, you can further your career by completing other computer courses if you enjoyed your beginner’s computer course. There are many other course options out there surrounding the topic of computers that you could take on between QQI PLC courses and third level courses. For example, in computerised office skills, computer programming, web design, computer game design and development and much more. Completing this beginner computers course is just the beginning, once you open that door, more and more opportunities will come to the surface. It is worthwhile doing a third level course in computers as there are an abundance of well-paying jobs that require a third level qualification.  

If you are serious about learning the basics of computers, check out some courses near you in the national course finder.  


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