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Waterford Institute of Technology

Cork Road, Waterford, Republic of Ireland

Waterford Institute of Technology, Waterford IT, is the largest provider of courses, evening classes and adult education in Waterford.

As Ireland returns to high-levels of employment there is, rightfully, renewed public debate on the key role of quality lifelong learning opportunities in economic
development and social cohesion. Our society is coming to understand that lifelong learning is a prerequisite not only to medium term economic prosperity
and competiveness but also to meeting the larger societal challenges inherent in the UN Sustainable Development Goals; to re-imagining workplace roles as the progress of artificial intelligence and machine learning accelerates; and in fostering active participation in the building of a just and fair society.

Lifelong learning funding initiatives at national level such as Springboard and Skillnets have proved very successful in fostering successful participation by adults
in higher learning and WIT very much welcomes the announcement of greatly expanded, multi-year funding for adult learning through the Human Capital Initiative. WIT engages closely and energetically with industry and social partners at local and regional level to inform the development of these courses. The South East.

WIT is very proud of its track record in adult education and looks forward to significant further expansion in parttime and flexible-learning provision
serving the learning needs of the region through the development of the new Technological University for the South East of Ireland.


For more information about part-time courses at Waterford IT, please view our courses in Waterford in the Course Finder below.

Accounting for Non-Specialists

The aim of this module is to facilitate non-specialist accountants to understand, prepare and interpret internal accounting information and recommend business decisions based on their interpretation. Students will also learn the criteria used to make operational decisions

Community Education & Development

On successful completion of this programme students will: Have developed a theoretical framework to underpin their experience as community education and development practitioners. Have reflected critically on their role within the community. Be able to apply higher level management skills to the organisational context in which they work. Have further developed skills acquired at certificate…

Community Education & Development

The aim of this course is to facilitate students to develop their skills, knowledge and attitudes in order to work as reflective practitioners in community education and community development settings. We do this by facilitating students to become critically aware of their surroundings, ask questions and challenge for change and equality.

Community Studies

The Certificate in Community Studies is aimed at volunteers in the community who wish to gain confidence skills and knowledge to practice more effectively in their communities. The modules will enable participants to explore and understand community development principles and practice. There is opportunity to reflect on their own volunteering within the community, set goals…

Education - Adult Education

The course consists of a range of 10 credit modules addressing key areas in adult education including research, adult learning, education policy, equality and power, technology enhanced pedagogy. Participants must complete four mandatory modules and may then select two elective modules.

Lean Fundamentals

The Diploma in Lean Fundamentals is a one year Level 7 practitioner programme developed to meet specified industry needs. It is aimed at operative, associate, or administrative level employees requiring knowledge and skills in the fundamentals of lean. This Diploma is a practitioner programme, with participants having diverse backgrounds and experiences and coming from a…

Small Business Finance

The Certificate in Small Business Finance is a practical skills-based course for people wishing to set up and manage their own business or for current/ future employees of micro-enterprises and SMEs. This course aims to provide students with the skills necessary to success fully manage the finances and help grow a small business. This unique…

Management Development

The aim of the course is to develop participants knowledge, skills and competence of management within the context of real world enterprise. This programme aims to highlight good practice in business management and leadership and encourage participants to make informed and strategic decisions with regard to business development. It will enable participants to reflect on,…


This course has been designed to provide participants with a practical exposure to a wide range of business skills and is recognised both nationally and internationally. The Higher Certificate in Business may be regarded as a terminal qualification or as a stepping stone for students towards more advanced studies in the BBS (Honours) courses or…


This programme has been re-designed to enable students complete the entire programme in four years part-time. The programme examines the core functions of business, and focuses on the key dynamics, skillsets, and knowledge required to manage organisations in the fast- moving and competitive global business environment. Students entering Year 1 of the programme should register…

Care of the Older Adult

Projections by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) show by 2021 the number of elderly people will have grown by 200,000. This group will be living and being cared for in a range of different settings. The figures on housing for Irish older adults show that 7% of people aged 65 and over live in nursing…

Fundamentals of Care 1

Fundamental Care skills should be at the core of the work of all health care assistants working in both hospital, home and community settings. The aim of this module is to introduce students to the knowledge and skills required for professional and patient safety and addressing fundamental patient care needs related to activities of daily…

CompTIA A +

This course will prepare students for the CompTIA A+ Essentials certification exam and the CompTIA A+ Practical Application certification exam. It is designed for students seeking to become entry-level IT professionals. On successful completion of this course, you will be able to: Describe various troubleshooting methodologies. Use basic Windows interface tools. Identify, install and troubleshoot…

Apple Mac & OS X - Introduction to

The course is intended for anyone who is new to Mac or looking to get the most from their Mac. If you are new to the Apple Mac operating system then this essential skills course will help you learn the basics quickly and effectively, and help you understand the OSX operating system. This course is…

Culinary Arts

The primary aim of this part-time Culinary Arts Degree is to develop higher technical and artistic knowledge amongst qualified chefs who are working in the industry.

Digital Marketing & Social Media

With 42bn spent online every year in Ireland and the average adult spending 1 in 12 minutes online, the digital marketplace cannot be ignored. Digital marketing and social media now offer marketers a wealth of options to connect with their audience. Both digital marketing and social media are changing rapidly and are experiencing phenomenal growth.…

eMarketing & Promotion

The Certificate in e-Marketing and Promotion is a practical skills-based course for anyone wishing to develop an effective online business presence for a micro-enterprise or SME. The course aims to provide students with the skills necessary to successfully manage and grow an online business. This unique course has been designed specifically to meet the demands…

Education - Teaching in Further & Adult Education

This course has been designed to meet the needs of people who are working within the Further Education sector and who want to register with the Teaching Council of Ireland for the purpose of registration as a Further Education teacher in Ireland. The programme is recognised by the Teaching Council of Ireland as a Teacher…

Irish Wildlife Conservation

This course will provide an introduction to some of Irelands biodiversity such as land mammals, song birds, plants, and will explore sustainable agricultural practices and wildlife conservation and management. The course will introduce field survey skills, and will include an introduction to the use of DNA analysis as a means to verify field collected evidence.…

Manage Your Money - Finance for Everyone

The aim of the course is to improve everyday finance skills enabling people to make better short and long term financial decisions. Developing the ability to manage personal finances over their lifetime, making individuals more comfortable reviewing financial options, making decisions and discussing topics with professionals. The intention is to cover the following topics, in…

Genealogy - Tracing the Family Tree

This course is perfectly suited for those who wish to ‘do the family tree’ but are not sure where to start. It will also assist those who are already on that journey and who wish to expand on their knowledge of source material and research techniques. The course aims to be delivered in a friendly,…

Digital Image Editing Using Photoshop Creative Cloud

This course is designed for students that wish to learn digital image editing skills. Photoshop image editing is used in a variety of different design roles, careers and industries. Photoshop students can progress on to a variety of career paths such as web design, graphic design, publishing, photography or other creative industries.

Healthcare Support - Certificate in

The WIT Certificate in Healthcare Support aims to develop an individual who is able to use their knowledge and skills to provide appropriate and safe healthcare support in a variety of health care situations and contexts. The development of practical hands on care skills is an integral part of this course and will prepare the…

Human Resource Management

This 15 credit Minor Award aims to provide an opportunity for people working within or seeking to enter the HRM/Personnel field, and those responsible for managing people to undertake a professional course in HRM. It aims to develop the key skills, knowledge and competencies to prepare candidates to perform effectively in a HRM role. On…

Autodesk Revit Essential

Autodesk Revit building design software is specifically built for Building Information Modelling (BIM), empowering design and construction professionals to bring ideas from concept to construction with a coordinated and consistent model-based approach. Revit is a single application that includes features for architectural design, MEP and structural engineering, and construction. Revit Essentials at WIT is…

Databases with SQL

This course is designed for students who wish to learn about databases and SQL. My SQL will be the database system used. Databases are used extensively throughout todays business world. Big global names like Amazon, Google and Facebook, the small online store and software packages that companies use in order to process information, all need…

Information Technology

This course is designed to allow students to develop the skills and competencies across a range of computer science areas including systems design and development, software development, distributed systems architecture and systems integration. It has a high practical content and the main computer language used for development on the course is Java.

Information Technology

The focus of the course is to provide students with the necessary skills to work in Information Technology and to make a contribution to the organisation in which they are employed

User Experience UX - Computer Design & Rapid Prototyping

This course is about learning how to counteract and avoid all the common mistakes in web design. Recent trends in web design value the user experience as an integral part of the web development project. As a consequence UX jobs are on the increase and it is rapidly becoming a new profession within the realm…

Irish - Conversational

This 8-week course is suitable for you if you have Leaving Certificate Irish or equivalent but may not have had an opportunity to practice your Irish for many years. On completion of this course, you will be able to have a general conversation about topics relating to your own life i.e., family, work, social life…

Career Development & Skills Enhancement

The aim of the programme is to provide the Adult Learners with the skills and knowledge necessary to undertake a full-time third level course in WIT. The programme also supports the learner to identify and choose the undergraduate course that best suits the interests and abilities of the learner. The main purpose is to prepare…

Cognitive Behavioural Skills for Practice

The course is designed to allow health and social care professionals to develop the requisite knowledge, skills and understanding to safely and appropriately apply cognitive behavioural skills into their everyday practice. Classes will take place on one morning per fortnight for 12 weeks. The programme is primarily aimed at nurses and midwives but is also…

Nursing Studies

RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) entry route to Level 8: This course is aimed at the nurse who qualified at certificate level and who wishes to develop their knowledge base to enhance practice development. It provides an opportunity for the individual to reflect and record the contribution they give to nursing, to record their development…

Palliative Care for Health Carers

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines Palliative Care as an approach that improves the quality of life of individuals and their families facing the problem associated with life-threatening illness, through the prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification and impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and other problems, physical, psychosocial and spiritual.…

Payroll & Computerised Accounts

This module focuses on the basics required to understand and use computerised Payroll and Financial Accounting Systems for Small Businesses. The Payroll aspect of the course will cover Setting up Payroll, Processing Payroll and Report generating. The Financial Accounting aspect of the course will cover Purchase Ledger, Sales Ledger, Nominal Ledger, Banking, VAT and Reporting.

Project Management

This 10 credit Special Purpose Award is ideal as an introduction to the principles of project management for employees and owners of SMEs who have an interest in learning how to plan and manage a project from the early stages of defining the work, to completion and handover.

Mental Healthcare - Introduction to

The term mental health problems describes the full range of mental health difficulties that might be encountered, from the psychological distress experienced by many people, to serious mental disorders and illnesses that affect a smaller population. The aim of this module is to enable the student to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to explore the…

Psychosocial Interventions for Practice

The course is designed to allow health and social care professionals to develop the requisite knowledge, skills and understanding to safely and appropriately apply psychosocial interventions into their everyday work. The programme is open to professionals who provide psychosocial and therapeutic interventions as part of their day to day work and may be of particular…

Practical Public Relations

The aim of this module is to develop the students ability in practical PR techniques including writing press releases, brochure and newsletter design, PR Campaign Planning and developing a PR pitch.

Strategic Public Relations

This module introduces the student to the key principles and practices of contemporary public relations from both a theoretical and practical perspective.

Radio Broadcast Journalism & Presenting

This course was developed and is delivered in a collaboration between WIT and WLR FM and Beat 102-103. It aims to give students a broad introduction to the practical skills of journalistic writing and presentation for radio including news reading, editing and recording skills. It includes an overview of the Irish radio industry, programming and…

Dairy Science - Introduction

The Certificate in Introduction to Dairy Science course is a 10 credit, Level 6, Special Purpose Award. It is aimed at those intending to or already working in the dairy industry and was developed by WIT (funded by Wales Ireland Network for Scientific Skills (WINSS)) in consultation with major Irish dairy industries. The course will…

Engineering - Manufacturing

Manufacturing Engineering involves the use of computer systems to design products, plan production, control operations and perform the various business-related functions needed in a manufacturing firm and their incorporation into an integrated computer system.

Engineering - Manufacturing

This course is offered over a two-year period and will enable participants to obtain a deeper understanding of the technologies and processes involved in the manufacturing industry. Students will receive extensive hands-on experience in the areas of computerisation, CAD, CnC and robotics. The course has been designed to ensure that students can make a real…

Engineering - Manufacturing Technology

The course will provide participants with an understanding of modern manufacturing systems. It will specifically equip them with knowledge and manual skills in the areas of electromech anical technology or instrumentation/ industrial electronics (depending on the elective chosen) and will allow development into new specialisations.

Social Studies - Applied Social Studies in Social Care

On successful completion of this course, graduates will be qualified to work in a wide range of Social Care settings, including working with children, in family support, community development, care of the elderly and with people with special needs. Given the nature of this work, applicants should give serious consideration to their personal interest and…

Spanish - Level 1 2 3

Conversational Spanish Level 1 This 8 week course is an introductory course for absolute beginners and as such will establish a basic foundation in conversational Spanish. Learn how to greet others, describe yourself, where you live and what you do. The basics in practical situations will also be covered such as eating out, shopping, and…

Intellectual Disability Care - Introduction to

The aim of this module is to introduce key concepts in intellectual disability and to enable the student to explore the needs of individuals with an ID with regards to health and illness within a biopsychosocial framework. This module is suitable for individuals who have a keen interest in the field of intellectual disabilities and…

Fitness - Group Fitness Instruction

The Certificate in Group Fitness Instruction prepares students to lead and choreograph group exercise classes in aerobics, step aerobics, body conditioning and circuit training (including HIIT). The course will take place in Waterford Institute of Technology, utilising the excellent facilities and renowned expertise that the Department of Health, Sport and Exercise Science has developed. This…

Fitness Instruction

The Certificate in Fitness Instruction is an entry-level industry recognised qualification suitable for the health and fitness enthusiast. During this course students will gain knowledge and practical skills to design and teach a range of basic gym-based exercise programmes for the general population on a one-to-one basis. The award meets the standards required by REPS…

Personal Training

The Certificate in Personal Training is a 30 credit course aimed at providing students with an advanced level industry recognised qualification in Personal Training. This course is linked to the Level 6 Certificate in Fitness Instructors and all participants must hold this award or equivalent to be eligible for entry to the course. Students will…

Management of Work-Related Stress

The Certificate in the Management of Work-Related Stress is a new online course tailored towards health and social care and related support workers. The course consists of two ten credit modules. Module 1 aims to equip workers with the requisite skills, knowledge and competences to manage their personal levels of work-related stress, while Module 2…

Good Manufacturing Practice & Technology

The objective of this 18-month degree programme is to provide a nationally accredited Level 7 educational programme, at ordinary degree level, in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), for personnel working in the manufacturing areas of the pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotechnology industries.

Good Manufacturing Practice & Technology

The principal aim of this course is to provide a nationally accredited Level 6 educational course in good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Technology for people who are employed in the pharmaceutical industry.

Restaurant Management

This 60 credit Special Purpose Award integrates restaurant management theory with practice. It has been developed to provide a relevant professional qualification for those who wish to embark on a career in Restaurant Management. Students are afforded the opportunity to complement college-based-learning with a structured placement under the guidance of an industry mentor.

Web Design & Development

The aim of this course is to provide students with the skills necessary to produce professional web sites, using the latest software, (Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks and Photoshop). The course is structured around a project-based curriculum that will cover each aspect of web design individually, before combining them to create powerful and versatile websites. Students will…

Website Development for Small Business

This module will introduce the student to the development of an online presence for a business. The student will experience the process from domain name registration and web server configuration, through to the planning, deployment, and extension of dynamic, usable, cross-platform content management system powered websites of business value including search engine optimisation and analytics.

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