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IACT International Academy of Computer Training

32 Fitzwilliam Street Upper, Dublin, Ireland. Eircode: D02XF90

IACT – International Academy of Computer Training runs specialist computer training courses. We are Ireland’s largest and most experienced IT Training company. We provide classroom IT training, blended online learning and online eLearning courses and were founded in 1993.

Throughout its history IACT International Academy of Computer Training has enjoyed tremendous success in running computer training courses and boasts an enviable client list featuring both large and small companies and Government agencies. Our clients include many Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Intel, Dell, Ericsson, Citigroup, Hewlett-Packard, GE and many others.

All training materials at IACT International Academy of Computer Training are developed by in-house experts with practical real world experience in developing computer training courses. All of our tutors have extensive qualifications in the IT training field with degrees in Computer Science and Business Management with many having Masters and PhDs. Our product designers and trainers are highly qualified academically but also have practical real world experience from working with our clients on training courses on a day-to-day basis.

The development path of IACT’s course content is unique and distinguishes us substantially from other eLearning providers. All of our computer training courses are based on real classroom experience – from existing instructor led courses tested and developed in a real classroom environment. All our content has been designed, written and implemented by expert instructors (not just “subject matter experts” or “technical writers”). This fundamentally alters the structure and presentation of our material creating a more engaging, forceful and educational training experience.

For more information on computer training courses run by IACT International Academy of Computer Training, view our courses in’s Course Finder below.

Adobe Animate course

This Adobe Animate course is ideal for existing animators, graphic designers, web designers, or anybody needing to get an understanding of Adobe Animate CC or wanting to establish a creative career. Go from Zero to Hero on this 2 Day hands on course that takes you through the Key fundamentals of this amazing animation application

Adobe Illustrator CC Training

Learn the skills to become creative with Adobe Illustrator CC. A practical hands-on tutorial for users of all levels. You’ll learn how to create stunning designs graphics, pictures and icons.

Adobe InDesign course

Learn Adobe InDesign CC to design a magazine, a brochure, and more. Go from beginner to advanced in editorial design. You’ll Master the art of creative page layout with Adobe InDesign


This CISCO CCNA course  is suitable for users interested in becoming Cisco Certified Network Associate certified. You will learn how to build, optimize, and troubleshoot networks. If you are currently working in a network infrastructure role this course will benefit you. This course starts by reviewing the design concepts for building networks. You will gain…

CompTIA A+ Course

This Complete CompTIA  A+ course is designed to prepare you to take and pass the CompTIA A+ exams. To become fully A+ certified you will need to pass both the 220-901 and 220-902 exams

CompTIA Network+ Course

This CompTIA Network+ course starts by reviewing the functions provided by modern computer network. We also learn how to design, build and maintain local area networks.

.NET Programming using C# part A

This two day course teaches programming the C# language, explaining data types, control statements, objects and classes, exception handling and writing components. The course concentrates on teaching the C# language and elements of standard .NET Framework Class Library, Structs and other data types.

.NET Programming Using C# part B

This rapid fire course teaches a number of advance C# programming topics using practical examples to illustrate their use. This two day course teaches advanced programming techniques for the C# language. Extensive fully worked examples are used to illustrate the points raised in the course, and to provide hands-on experience, together with a comprehensive course manual.

An Introduction to Programming in C++

This three-day course teaches the skills required to develop applications using C++. The principles taught apply to all C++ development environments. This course takes existing programmers and introduces them to the advantage of using classes in C++.

ASP.NET with Visual Basic

This four day course teaches programmers how to create web applications using ASP.NET. The course uses Visual Studio to develop examples with the Visual Basic language. This course teaches you to create Web Sites using many different scenarios. You will use Web Forms, Web Pages (Razor) and MVC as your front end technologies while using…

Foundations in Programming

Computer programming is the world’s fastest growing profession with thousands of vacancies for developers from all backgrounds. Start your programming career with this course. In this course we will create and run programs in four different languages. We will cover some key programming concepts which are common to all languages such as Variables Input and…

Database Master Diploma

This Database Diploma will help you understand the concepts behind databases, how to navigate through them, create your own and stand out in this ever-growing IT field. Databases are important for any business. They store client information, bills, payment information, and much more on databases. This diploma will help you understand the concepts behind databases,…

MOS – Microsoft Office Specialist

Demonstrate that you have the skills needed to get the most out of Office by earning a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification in a specific Office program. MOS 2016 certification gives students a commanding competitive edge in today’s academic and professional environments. Course overview If you’re looking for a MOS Course (Microsoft Office Specialist) – you’re in…

SAP Crystal Reports

Suitable for users interested in learning more about SAP Crystal Reports. Learn techniques to query and interact with different data sources including Access, and Microsoft SQL Server. This course starts by reviewing the design concepts for building a report, moving on to formatting, filtering, and sorting report data. We also cover more advanced topics such…

Desktop Apps with C#

This four-day course gives you the skills required to develop Windows applications using C# and Visual Studio. If you want to be an Application Developer, you need these skills. The course covers object orientation, event-driven programming, and database access using ADO.NET and the Entity Framework. This course stresses good user interface and application design at…

ECDL Course

If you’re looking for an ECDL Course – You’re in safe hands with us. At IACT, with our unique course programme, our highly experienced trainers prepare you to take and pass the ECDL exam so you get your ECDL Certification. Our ECDL course programme is great value, plus, you get access to all of the…

Adobe Photoshop course

ADOBE Photoshop is the standard for creating and editing images. This Adobe Photoshop course covers all aspects of the design process from the importing of images right through to final production for finished art work.

Graphic Design Master Diploma Course

The Graphic Design Master Diploma Course will give you the skills you need to become a graphic design expert. Ideal for existing graphic designers or anyone who wants a career in Graphic Design.

HTML & CSS Course

Go from Zero to Hero on this 2 Day hands on course that takes you through the Key fundamentals of HTML and CSS. Discover the skills required to develop HTML web pages styled with CSS using a HTML editor and a browser. The course covers the new semantic tags in HTML 5 and new features…

Intro to Relational Databases and SQL

This course introduces relational Databases and SQL (Structured Query Language). SQL is the native interface to all commercial relational databases and is a vital language to learn and understand in order to build and manipulate databases. The course uses the Microsoft Access relational database to introduce the terms and concepts needed to design and query…

Java Diploma course

This course is ideal for anyone interested in adding the Java programming language to their list of skills, as well as those preparing for the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE Programmer examination. Comprehensive Java Course covering OO Programming, Inheritance, Abstract classes and methods, Polymorphism, Interfaces, UML Diagrams, Creating GUI Interfaces in Java, connecting and interacting…

JavaScript Developer course

JavaScript is a powerful scripting language that can be directly embedded into HTML web pages. It is used extensively within web pages to add interactivity, control the browser and generate dynamic HTML as well as create effects such as roll-over buttons. The JavaScript language is syntactically similar to C, or JAVA with similar structures. This…

MCSA Course

This MCSA Course is Suitable for IT professionals looking to obtain MCSA 2012 and 2016 certification. Also for experienced Windows Server Administrators who have experience working in a Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016 enterprise environment. Microsoft MCSA requires three exams 70-740, 70-741, and 70-742.    

Advanced Microsoft Access course

This Advanced Microsoft Access course will give you more in-depth knowledge of Access, including relational databases, complex queries, macros and integration with other MS Office applications. This course starts by reviewing the design concepts for building a robust relational model. You will gain a fast, practical and extensive knowledge of the powerful features of Microsoft…

Microsoft Access for Beginners

Suitable for all Access users or anyone new to the application. You’ll learn the foundations of using and understanding an Access database, and be confident in moving around its environment. This course starts you at the beginning of Access. It will guide new Access users through the powerful Microsoft Access program. You will gain a…

Excel Advanced course

This course builds on the Excel Level 1 foundations course to teach you how to use the essential tools in Excel. Youll learn V and H lookup, CountIf and SumIf and database functions. Youll work with charts, graphs, filters and lists, import different file formats (like XML data) and track changes in a spreadsheet.

Excel Dashboards course

Dashboards are designed to take large amounts of data and display it in a single page of concise results.  This Excel Dashboards Course is a great way of taking your Excel Skills to the next level. Business managers need access to accurate data – presented in a clear and understandable way. IACT’s Excel Dashboard course…

Excel Foundations Course

This Excel Foundations Course is suitable for everyone. If you’re new to the Excel application or looking for a refresher course, this course is ideal. You will learn the foundations of Excel on this 1 Day course. This course introduces you to the power of Microsoft Excel starting from the beginning. You’ll learn how to…

Excel Master Diploma course

Excel is the most widely used application in business today, but skill levels in Excel vary considerably. Increase your career potential by becoming an Excel Master with this 7 Day Excel Master Course. Spreadsheets – and Excel in particular – are the most widely used application in business today. Skill levels in Excel vary considerably, but…

Excel VBA Course

Suitable for advanced Excel users. You will learn how to use Excel to automate complex tasks. The course provides a solid foundation in Excel VBA. The course provides a solid foundation in Excel VBA. Using Excel VBA will extend your knowledge of recorded Macros and provide you with powerful skills to automate Excel. This course…

Spreadsheet Safety, Structure & Design

This course is essential to overall design and structure, and to develop safe and secure automated spreadsheets. It begins with the process of design, the use of appropriate index and documentation sheets, user information, security, backup, protection, and the development of conventions, and formats. You will also learn ways to identify and correct errors by…

Microsoft VISIO course

Microsoft VISIO is a superb design package which makes creating diagrams like flow-charts and business process diagrams a snap. This course teaches how to get the most from this package. It will explain the details of grouping, managing shapes, using layering and custom object properties. Attendees will explore the techniques for producing professionally finished symbols…

Microsoft Outlook

This course teaches you everything you need to know about this powerful application. Youll learn how to harness all elements of this tool, learn about Outlooks contact management and how to integrate Outlook with the rest of the Office suite.

Microsoft PowerPoint for Beginners

This course will enable attendees to produce effective and powerful presentations using all the full features and functionality of the package. To be able to include clipart and graphics in a presentation, import, edit and update graphs and modify master slides.

PowerPoint for more Advanced users

Become a PowerPoint expert. Learn advanced techniques for create dynamic and engaging presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint. Go beyond basics and start telling compelling stories. This course builds on your knowledge of PowerPoint Foundations Course but moves on quickly to improve your ability in using features such as grids, slide setup, master slides and templates.This course also discovers…

Microsoft Project training course

Using Project can be frustrating without a good understanding of the capabilities of the product. These two days will get you to grips with the core functionality in Project.

Microsoft Publisher course

This Microsoft Publisher course starts you at the beginning. You will learn how to create newsletters, brochures and business cards, perform mail merges, and prepare your projects for printing and much more. You will also learn how to customise Publisher’s own templates more efficiently.

Microsoft SharePoint course

This one day course teaches users the fundamentals of using SharePoint, including features such as sites, documents libraries, lists, permissions and Office integration.

Microsoft Word advanced course

In this course you will learn to automate Word through the use of building blocks and quick parts to quickly insert pre-formatted blocks of text and graphics. You will also learn to utilize reference tools such as footnotes, endnotes, table of contents, indexes and much more. You will learn the techniques to manage long documents…

Microsoft Word for beginners

This course starts you at the beginning of Word. You will gain a fast, practical and extensive knowledge of the powerful features of this package, and work learning how to build templates and documents using Word’s superb editing features. You will be able to enhance your document easily and quickly.

PC Repair course

This PC Repair course starts by reviewing the common components installed in modern PC’s. We also look at the common Operating Systems in use Today, and learn how to install, and configure software and hardware.

MySQL for Beginners

Enhance your CV and become interview-ready by learning real-world SQL in this course for non-technical folks and marketers. Mainly using MySQL but applicable for SQL Server. This course starts by explaining what a database is, and moving on to creating databases containing tables and views, and stored procedures.

SQL Server 2012 Course

Suitable for all database users or anyone new to the application. You will learn the foundations of Microsoft SQL Server 2012. This course takes you through installing, creating and maintaining Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

Writing Reports w/ Report Builder & SSRS

Writing Reports with SQL Server Reporting Services Over 2 days you’ll learn the foundations of report writing with Report Builder and SSRS. Report Builder 3.0 is available for Microsoft® SQL Server® versions 2014, 2012, and 2008 R2.  

Network Master Diploma course

This comprehensive Network Master Diploma course teaches the skills needed for PC support, Networking and Windows Server Administration in a modern IT environment. Starting from the foundations you will learn the skills to manage and support PCs and networks and gain industry recognised certifications from CompTIA, Cisco and Microsoft. The course comprehensively covers the skills…

Build your own website course

In this 5 day Build your own website course, you’ll discover how to easily build a beautiful, fully transactional, WordPress website from scratch, how to get traffic to your site and understand your customers. This first 3 days of this course will teach you the fundamentals of WordPress, one of the most popular web platforms used…

PHP and MySQL course

PHP and MySQL have become the development platform of choice for many professional web designers. PHP and MySQL combine to create a simple yet powerful way to create dynamic web pages that actually interact with your visitors. PHP is widely supported and hosted on commercial websites without the need for expensive licences. There is a…

Web Design Master Diploma course

This Web Design Master Diploma course will give you the skills to develop a website from the beginning using WordPress. You’ll be able to create HTML web pages styled with CSS, and understand how to get traffic and analyze visitor behavior

WordPress Course

This three day hands on WordPress course that takes you through the key fundamentals of the WordPress application, so you can quickly and easily get your website up and running. Easily design create looking pages and start trading online from your own ecommerce store

ASP.Net with C#

This course teaches you to create Web Sites using many different scenarios. You will use Web Forms, Web Pages (Razor) and MVC as your front end technologies while using Web Services and Web API to retrieve data from SqlServer databases using ADO .NET and the Entity Framework. You will also be exposed to the basics…

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